Printable W-2 Tax Form for 2023-2024

IRS W-2 Form: Filling Guide for U.S. Employers

W2 federal tax form is an important document used in the United States to report employees’ wages and the taxes withheld from them. Employers prepare this document for each employee, which is sent to the IRS and Social Security Administration at the end of the tax year. The template includes information on wages earned, taxes withheld, and other deductions such as health insurance premiums, 401k contributions, and other benefits. It is also used to report the employee's Social Security and Medicare taxes.

Obligation to Complete the W-2 Copy

It’s a mandatory tax form that every employee must file with the IRS every year. It is used to report an employee's wages and the amount of taxes withheld from their paycheck.

Meet John, a 34-year-old software engineer from San Francisco. John has been working for the same company for the past 8 years. Every year John is required to file the Wage and Tax Statement, as it is the only way to ensure the accuracy of the taxes he pays. This year, John is planning to file his W-2 copy online, as it is the most convenient way to do it. He searched for a W2 form for 2023 in printable version and luckily found one on the IRS website. He printed it out and filled it with the necessary information. After that, he went online and filed his form via the online system.

John finds it helpful to file W-2 online, as it is fast and secure. He can quickly check his filing status and download copy anytime. Moreover, filing the completed PDF online is free, so he can save a lot of money on taxes. This year, John is looking forward to getting his tax refund and using it for a much-needed vacation.

Filing the blank template is essential for every employee in the United States, as it helps the IRS to determine the amount of taxes to be collected and also helps to ensure accuracy when filing taxes. John is glad he could file his free W-2 form online and will continue to do so.

But, some exemptions allow not to file the W2 IRS form:

Non-Resident Aliens
Non-Resident Aliens
Individuals who are not US citizens, but are living in the US for a limited period, are not required to file IRS W2 tax form.
Exempt Income
Exempt Income
Certain types of income aren't subject to income tax, such as Social Security benefits, and therefore don't require the W-2 filing.
Sole Proprietorship
Sole Proprietorship
Self-employed Individuals are not required to file a W-2, as the IRS considers their profits as personal income.
Working Abroad
Working Abroad
US citizens that work abroad for a US employer and are exempt from US taxes due to a tax treaty do not need to file W-2 forms.

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For anyone looking for help filling out their printable W2 form for 2023, is an excellent resource. This website provides instructions, as well as helpful examples to aid in the completion of the document. It is also an excellent resource for those unfamiliar with the template structure, as it explains in detail what each line of the blank W-2 form needs to include. Additionally, the website provides helpful tips on what to do if mistakes are made on the copy. This information makes it easier to understand the structure and fill it out correctly. In sum, is an invaluable resource for those seeking assistance with their taxes.

Blank Form W-2: Instructions for Filling

It’s an often-dreaded but nonetheless essential tax form that needs to be filled out correctly and submitted to the IRS to file taxes. To fill out the free printable W2 form, individuals can either use a blank copy or download a template online. The IRS website offers a variety of printable PDF templates and instructions for the 2023 tax year. Additionally, individuals can find samples of the Wage and Tax Statement to get a better understanding of what they should look like. To make sure individuals are properly filing out the IRS W2 form for 2023, here is a list of the information needed to fill it out correctly:

  • Employer’s name, address, and ZIP code
  • Employee's name, address, and Social Security number
  • Wages, tips, and other compensation
  • Federal income tax withheld
  • Social Security wages, Social Security tax withheld, and Medicare wages
  • State wages, state income tax withheld, and state identifier
  • Local wages, local income tax withheld, and local identifier
  • Retirement plan checkbox

Once the copy is filled out completely and accurately, individuals should send W2 tax form online or print it out and submit it to the IRS. It’s important to ensure the form is filled out correctly and all the necessary information is included to avoid any issues with tax filing.

There are three main ways to file the completed document to the local IRS office:

Printable W2 in PDF
The conventional method for submitting your W-2 tax document involves obtaining an IRS-approved PDF file. It can be located on our website, accompanied by comprehensive instructions for proper completion. The template is adaptable for both manual completion and electronic filling, allowing you to print the IRS Form W2 and affix your signature.
Online Version
The IRS also allows you to file the document online. All you have to do is register for an online account with the IRS and log in. The website provides a fillable W2 form for you to fill out and an electronic signature option. In addition, the online system provides an easy-to-follow guide for you to follow, so you don't have to worry about making mistakes.
Third-Party Software
You can also file free blank template with the help of third-party software. This software is available online; you can fill out the form and submit it electronically. The software also provides you with a printable version and a sample W-2 form to help you understand the details of each box. Additionally, the software includes instructions on how to fill out the form correctly.

Due Date to File W-2

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires employers to send the Wage and Tax Statement to their employees before January 31st of each year. The form is used to report wages and other compensation paid to employees during the federal tax year, which runs from January 1 to December 31. Employers must also file a copy of the W-2 form with the IRS.

Due Date to File W-2

Employee W2 Form: Answering Popular Questions

What is IRS Form W-2?
It’s an income tax form used to report wages, any tips, or other compensation paid to employees. Employers must provide their employees with a W-2 form each year to report their earnings and taxes withheld. Employees then use this form to file their federal income tax return.
When do I need to submit the Wage and Tax Statement?
Employees must receive a W-2 by January 31st of the following year. Then they use the document to report their federal income tax return. The due date for filing your federal income tax return is typically April 15th, but the specific date can vary depending on the year.
Where can I get a blank IRS Form W-2?
You can find a blank W2 template by following the link from our website. Click the "Get Form" button to open the file in a new window. You can complete the copy online using digital tools or save the IRS Form W2 PDF on your device for free.
How do I fill it out?
Before filling out the W2 blank form, ensure you have all the required information, such as wages, taxes withheld, and Social Security numbers. You can also find instructions for completing the form on the IRS website.
What is the deadline for submitting IRS Form W-2 for 2023?
The deadline for employers to send the document to their employees is January 31st of the following year. For example, the deadline for employers to provide a W-2 for the 2023 tax year is January 31st, 2024.

Form W-2: More Wage and Tax Statement Instructions

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